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  Roulette is the Real Game of Fun and Chance
  Roulette is the Real Game of Fun and Chance  

Though many people prefer the slots of poker, there are others who get a great deal of pleasure from playing roulette. The chances of winning are based upon the action of the wheel but for many that is the fun of the game. When you do not know what is going to happen, the anticipation can provide immeasurable fun and pleasure. There is no skill involved but you do need to learn to remember the numbers where the wheel stops so you can choose yours more carefully.

Even when you are playing in a live casino the game of roulette relies on chance rather than skill. Certainly, the spinner can control where the wheel stops to some degree but that might lea to creating havoc in the casino, so it’s not a good idea. In the online version there is no person spinning the wheel so you are only in competition with the computer software that controls the wheel.

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